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In the summer of 2002, Steven came up with the idea to do an art experiment by adding bass tracks to 2 White Stripes songs and sharing them with Redd Kross fans via the internet. The overwhelmingly positive response inspired him to cover the entire "White Blood Cells" record. Word spread quickly over the internet and soon press such as Entertainment Weekly, Pitchfork Media, the NY Times, BB Gun to name but a few ran articles about "Redd Blood Cells." Check out the animated explaination of the project, and at Creative Commons.

The original intent was to post 2 songs per week, and it would all be over within a 2 month span of time; however the popularity of this art project has made us decide to archive at least part of it on since so many people still come to the site looking for it.

We've decide to leave Steven's diary and comments as he worked on the record, and a few artifacts that happened along the way. If you are looking for the actual MP3's, in honor with keeping with the original intent, they are no longer available here ... check music and file sharing services and good luck. The online CD was downloaded over 60,000 times, so there's a good chance you will be able to find them out there.

Thank you to everyone who supported Redd Blood Cells, as well as the curiosity seekers. We hope you enjoy this digital time-capsule.

"In many ways, this online-only album lives up to the dream that music fans originally had for the internet. It is an example not just of a musician delivering work directly to his fans, but also of performers bending the rules for the sake of art."
- Neil Strauss, The New York Times


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